#rriNshpi with us Project 03/05/2020

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#rriNshpi with us is a concept idea that aims to carry out cultural, sports, innovative and educational activities that will be shown on one of the TV shows, online platforms and social networks of the Municipality of Prishtina during the pandemic period # covid19. The activities are funded and run by the Municipality of Prishtina […]


Stupcat Skeçe 2019 – Luje shotën

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It is a great pleasure to participate together in the “Stupcat” project with a special actors and humorist of Kosovo and with the wonderful team of “GjirafaStudio” realized in August. Check it Promo link:https://video.gjirafa.com/stupcat-skece-2019-luje-shoten-promo Check it full video link: https://video.gjirafa.com/stupcat-skece-2019/stupcat-skece-2019-luje-shoten Kënaqesi e madhe me marr pjese bashkërisht në projektin “Stupcat” me aktor dhe humorist të veqantë […]

Nil Digital Album Out now

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This album has been created as a result of the most precious moments with my daughter Nil. So I dedicate this Album to my dear little daugther NIL as a present , to my greatest musician friends, Relatives, Colleagues and my family who were there for me during all these years. I have collected in […]

Electro Acoustic Jazz Night on Hamam Jazz Bar

Electro Acoustic Night

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Electro Acoustic Ertan Iliyaz – Electric PianoAvni Krasniqi – Trumpet & Computer Combining the piano, top of the instrumental work of the uniqe songs, with trumpet & computer sounds, whose origin is lost in the mists of time, to associate the social elegance of the first, with the haunting magic of the second, to mix […]