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Click Album Cover to purchase entire albums

© Copyright – Ertan Iliyaz / Red Room (190394657307)

Ertan Iliyaz
Genre: World: World Fusion
Release Date: 2019

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Experience a new idea and bridge musical genres such us ethnically jazz and fusion style with traditional and unique, autochthonal songs.

Album Notes

Ertan Iliyaz & Friends Project & Nil is studio and live session songs bringing in one album.
Nil Album songs is combining playful melodies with the use of electric keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, soprano soul and drum instruments plus the incorporation of jazz, rock and word rhythms.

Album Artist: 
Agron Peni – Flamenco Guitar (2,6,10), Agron Shujaku – Piano (9), Aluş Nuş – Yayli Tanbur(1), Ardian Bakalli – Drums(7), Asena Akan – Vocal (6), Astrit Stafai – Oud & Acoustic Guitar (7,8), Avni Krasniqi – Trumpet & Computers (8), Besa Llugici – Soprano(9), Betim Krasniqi – Trombone(8), Dukagjin Muhaxheri – Saxophone(4), Ertan Iliyaz – Piano & Cajon(all), Fatlind Ferati – Bass guitar(1,2,3,4,5), Flaka Goranci – Mezzo Soprano(1), Ilire Avdiu – Clarinet(2), Nadishana – Kaval(8), Riccardo Marenghi – Drums(6), Senad Jamini – Guitar(1,2,3,4,5), Teoman Ukça – Drums(1,2,3,4,5), Tuncay Tuncay – Kanun(7), Visar Mehmeti – Flute(8), Volkan Hürsever – Contra Bass(6), Xhemil Gjini – Percussion/Shakers (1,2,3,4,5) 

Composition by: 
Ertan Iliyaz (1,2,4,5), Senad Jamini (3),Agron Peni (10), Avni Krasniqi (8), Anonim (6), J.S.Bach (9), Tanburi Cemil bey (7)

Photographer : Arben Llapashtica
Cover Art by Tansu Iliyaz 
Record , Mix , Master by Samer Agolli
Record Studio: Red Room
Producer , Published and Copyright : Ertan Iliyaz


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