Self Isolation Advice for Covid 19

Dear Readers,

I’m starting a blog to keep in touch with all of you who listen my music and keep networking with me. For the first time I’ll sharing my emotions with non musical way but i want to keep inform and help our comunity to try to be safe and heathly these days.
Like everybody i ll keep searching , talking, reading much as our need it about covid 19.
We start a week ago to be self isolation; our meetings, drinking caffes and so on we decreasing our normal life partly and trying to be at home to help and win these pandemi effect.
As we know Europe territory and countries is number one infected and theese infections seems growing up.
All of us dreamed to visit a europien countries for lot of fun, museums, festivals, beaches etc but from know our country is staying awey from traveling.
Musicians stoped their events, concerts, organisators also stoped their festivals, travel agensies stoped cultural sightseeing activities, even mosques and other religion keep stopping for a day to be together.
It is no longer an issue to prevent the spread of the virus in humans.
This is a global epidemic and can no longer be stopped.
Because of this, small things such as washing hands, keeping distance and not having a party, not being in crowded environments and staying at home are of vital importance. It is not only for ourselves, but also for the sick, the old and the weak, to read the following links as much as you can and do our part.
So please check links for self-isolation tips :
Please :
1 . Stay clean (wash your hands)
2. Stay the distance (min 1 meter)
3 .Stay at home until we win this pandemic virus
For more info about Live map check these links :