#rriNshpi with us Project 03/05/2020

#rriNshpi with us is a concept idea that aims to carry out cultural, sports, innovative and educational activities that will be shown on one of the TV shows, online platforms and social networks of the Municipality of Prishtina during the pandemic period # covid19.
The activities are funded and run by the Municipality of Prishtina in cooperation with partners and eventual beneficiaries.

Watch Rri n’Shpi e ngo Live Video ( 03.05.2020 )

Agron Peni – Flamenco Guitar

Endrit Xerxa – Classic Guitar

Ertan Iliyaz – Cajon

Rri n’Shpi e ngo live: Agron Peni

Rri n’Shpi e ngo live: Agron Peni

Gepostet von Komuna e Prishtinës am Sonntag, 3. Mai 2020