Ethno Fusion in Gjakova city

Ethno Fusion - Concert at Gjakova City

We are pleased to invite you in concert “Ethno Fusion” musical project who mixed ethnic music with fusion and electronic rhythms which will be held on 27 November 2015, at 5 pm at the “Prenk Jakova” Music School @ Gjakova city. “Special guest will be Tuncay Tuncay from Turkey with beautiful instrument Qanun

This time it will be on beautiful city of Gjakova / Gjakovë , a town that carries old cultural values and traditions.



The concert is sponsored by  the


ethno fusion in Gjakova sponsored




Yunus Emre Institute in Pristina,

Turkish Airlines,

KTV (Kohavision tv)

 supported by Municipality of Gjakova,

Music School “Prenk Jakova” Gjakova

Special Thanks to Zanzi Jazz Bar

zanzi jazz bar prishtina




*** Free Admission ***

Musician who will performing on this special night:
Ethno Fusion Performance

Ertan Iliyaz – Piano & Cajon set
Fatlind Ferat – Bass
Ardian Bakalli – Drums
Avni Krasniqi – Trumpet & Computer & Keyboard
Betim Krasniqi – Tombone
Visar Mehmeti – Flute
Special Guest

Tuncay Tuncay – Kanun
Astrit Stafai – Oud & Freatless Guitar


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Last Ethno Fusion concert video recorded in National Theater in Prishtina 2014

Make of Ethno Fusion concert in Prishtina 2014




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Ethno Fusion - Concert at Gjakova City
















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