We are pleased to invite you on second time after DVD Promotion concert “Ethno & Flamenco”
The trio “Agron Peni (Flamenco Guitar) – Ertan Iliyaz (Cajon Set) – Astrit Stafai (Oud & Fretless Guitar)” which will be held on 19. Aprill 2012, at 22:00 pm at the Hamam Jazz Bar – Prishtina.

The program will be played, composed by Agron Peni and Astrit Stafai.
Where the purpose of this concert is a collaboration of artists and new feeds in the art.

Concert performing are Ethno , Flamenco, Tango genre.
– Agron Peni is enlightened guitarist in Classical Guitar& Flamenco Guitar. He studies of Flamenco music. Also leading of Latino Band in Kosovo from 2001.

– Astrit Stafaj Oud & freatless guitarist is also certificated in the direction of music theory but also know better than stringed instruments belonging to ethno music genre.

– Ertan Iliyaz has fifteen year experienced and play music with different kind band’s and orchestras. Also trained pianist was obtained with studies instruments like drums and percussion from Rock, Jazz and Flamenco music genre.

Recorded at National Theater of Kosova / Prishtina
December 16th 2011