Ethno Flamenco in Doha, Qatar

Instrumentistet Agron Peni , Astrit Stafai, Ertan İliyaz te bashkuar si projekt “Ethno Flamenco ” nesermbrema me datën 21.03.2017 do të mbajnè koncert ne Katar në sallen nderkombetare “The Opera House” .
Ne ketë koncert i cili do të zgjase perafersisht nje ore do te prezentohen vepra origjinale te instrumentisteve në fjale.




Ethno Flamenco in Doha, Qatar


Project named Ethno Flamenco who mix balkan ethnical music a special albanian music with flamenco rhythms .

This formation was create in 2011, with two special guitarist .

The Trio “Agron Peni (Flamenco Guitar) – Ertan Iliyaz (Cajon Set) – Astrit Stafai (Oud & Fretless Guitar)”

– The program  played composed by Agron Peni and Astrit Stafai. Where the purpose of this concert is a collaboration of artists and new feeds in the art.

Concert performing are Ethno music from Kosova and Flamenco genre

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