Ethno Flamenco Concert for little Nisa

Ethno Flamenco Concert for little Nisa !

Nisa Kahraman would like you to be a part of her story. This story is the story of her life and death.

Nisa was diagnosed with a relentless disease as she was 4 months old. It is a very serious blood disease CALLED LANGERHANS CELL HISTIOCYTOSIS MULTI SYSTEM. Currently she is being cured at Sisli Etfal Hastanesi in Istanbul- Turkey and is having chemotherapy, and marrow transplant is the only choice left for her to live. After searching for some time the compatible marrow has been found in Germany. For the transport and transfusion of the marrow 60.000 EURO is needed.

The transplant is the only choice left for baby Nisa to continue her life. Now Nisa needs your helping hand. She’s been a warrior and a heroine for quite some time battling with the disease. She needs your prayers and also your help in terms of money, too. Every second has a tremendous importance for her.

You can help her at the below account:

Receiver: Senol Kahraman (Father of Nisa)

Account number (IBAN) 20-11-0000001150-82

Bank: TEB


Dear Friends,

COME AND your contribution is highly appreciated!

Hamam Jazz Bar Prishtina


Agron Peni – Flamenco Guitar
Ertan Iliyaz – Cajon Set
Astrit Stafai – Oud & Fretless Guitar
Fatlind Ferati – Bass

“Ethno Flamenco” who mix Balkan ethical music a special Albanian music with flamenco rhythms.
This formation was create in 2011, with two special guitarist with cajon player .

The Trio who start “Agron Peni (Flamenco Guitar) – Ertan Iliyaz (Cajon Set) – Astrit Stafai (Oud & Fretless Guitar)”

About members:

– Agron Peni is enlightened guitarist in Classical Guitar& Flamenco Guitar. He studies of Flamenco music. Also leading of Latino Band in Kosovo from 2001.

– Astrit Stafaj Oud & freatless guitarist is also certificated in the direction of music theory but also know better than stringed instruments belonging to ethno music genre.

– Ertan Iliyaz has experienced and play music with different kind band’s and orchestras. Also trained pianist was obtained with studies instruments like drums and percussion from Rock, Jazz and Flamenco music genre.

and also Special guest bass player

– Fatlind Ferati experienced young bass player in Kosovo .
working new solo album in his own, but played and working with all kind musician wth big groove.

Ethno Flamenco for Nisa
Ethno Flamenco for Nisa


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