“Classical Rhythm” Concert

Classical Rhythm - Ertan ILIYAZ

We are pleased to invite you in concert the duo “Agron Shujaku (Piano) – Ertan ILIYAZ (Cajon Set)” which will be held on 23. December 2012, at 20:00 at the National Theater of Kosovo.

Special guest of concert is Soprano Besa Lugiqi, Percussion Xhemil Gjini,

And Also Ballerinas Sinan Kajtazi dhe Luljeta Ademi. Violonchello Arzie Jusufi


The program will be played, composed by J.S Bach, L.W Beethoven , F. Schubert and W.A. Mozart.
Where the purpose of this concert is a collaboration of artists and new feeds in the art.
Concert performing are Classical music and Rhythm (oriental and flamenco) genre.

The concert is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the Municipality of Pristine, Kosovo’s National Theater.
Besides those they support as well as by private companies: Cinema 6 Dimensional, Pristine Stars, Moto Company, Tajmahal, Agolli Hair & Make Up, Guru Bar & Food, Kent Fm, Kosovaport, telegrafi.com

About Musicians:

–           Agron Shujaku is pianist graduated with the title “Master of Piano”. Also deals in piano pedagogy for 15 years as a Prof. Piano in high school music “Prenk Jakova” in Pristine.

–           Ertan Iliyaz has fifteen year experienced and play music with different kind band’s and orchestras. Also trained pianist was obtained with studies instruments like drums and percussion from Rock, Jazz and Flamenco music genre.

–          Besa Llugiqi Soprano High School finished at  “Prenk Jakova” in Pristina. In 2010, he finished Master in the Faculty of Music in Skopje. Also soloist of the Philharmonic Choir of Kosovo in Pristina and in the chorus Nee Born

–         Arzie Jusufi is apsolvente in cello in the faculty of arts at Prishtine, also is a professor of violoncellos high school of music in Gjilan city

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Classical Rhythm - Ertan ILIYAZ
Classical Rhythm – Ertan ILIYAZ