Stupcat Skeçe 2019 – Luje shotën

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It is a great pleasure to participate together in the “Stupcat” project with a special actors and humorist of Kosovo and with the wonderful team of “GjirafaStudio” realized in August. #stupcat #prishtina #kosovo #videofilming #vedatbajrami #osmanazemi #mensursafqiuCheck it Promo link: Check it full video link: Kënaqesi e madhe me marr pjese bashkërisht në projektin “Stupcat” me aktor dhe humorist të veqantë […]

NIL Project

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Nil band is combining playful melodies with the use of electric keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, soprano soul and drum instruments plus the incorporation of  jazz, rock and word rhythms. The idea of  band was formed by keyboard player Ertan Iliyaz after started the new album project called NIL, (album soon as possible will be present for […]

Turkish Jazz Week 4 edition 2015

Make of Turkish Jazz Week

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All start in phone conversation; ‘do you want to coordinate the Turkish jazz week?’ how to say ‘no’?  Festival which is organized under the patronage of the Turkish Embassy in Pristina Festival create love, music and one big event more than three year to our city Pristina… and so we started to planing to explore and […]

ethno fusion in Kosovo

Ethno Fusion

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Third musical project is called Ethno Fusion who mixed ethnic music with fusion and electronic rhythms. Click to see photos   Concert Ethno Fusion in National Theater in Kosovo release info! “ETHNO FUSION” which held on 08. November 2014, at 20:00 at the National Theatre of Kosovo. In this special concert from internationally known […]

Classical Rhythm - Ertan ILIYAZ


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Second musical project is called Classical Rhythm who mixed classical music with orient rhythms. “East and west culture is different, but musical projects bring them together.” E.I – See more at:   Special guest of concert is Soprano Besa Lugiqi, Percussion Xhemil Gjini,Violonchello Arzie Jusufi. And Also Ballerinas Sinan Kajtazi dhe Luljeta Ademi.   The program played, composed by […]

Ethno Flamenco Concert


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Music Project; First project named Ethno Flamenco who mix balkan ethnical music a special albanian music with flamenco rhythms. This formation was create in 2011, with two special guitarist . The Trio who start “Agron Peni (Flamenco Guitar) – Ertan Iliyaz (Cajon Set) – Astrit Stafai (Oud & Fretless Guitar)” – The program  played composed by Agron Peni and […]